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I'm Nishée - a woman who wears many hats and has been on a personal journey that has led me to create an organization dedicated to helping other moms navigate the ups and downs of motherhood.


Becoming a mom was a profound experience that allowed me to gain new insights into my childhood and what it meant to be a parent. This journey inspired me to create an organization that reminds moms they're not alone and that they're not crazy for feeling overwhelmed.

As a therapist, I bring unique empathy and understanding to my practice. My journey has informed my work, and I'm deeply committed to helping my clients achieve their goals and overcome challenges.

My military service has also played a significant role in shaping who I am today. It has instilled in me a deep sense of discipline, resilience, and courage that I bring to all aspects of my life.

Overall, I truly understand what it means to be a mom. I'm warm, compassionate, and dedicated to helping other moms find support and guidance as they navigate motherhood. So if you're feeling overwhelmed or need someone to talk to, know I'm here for you. My organization is a safe space where you can find the accountability, affirmation, and aid you need to thrive.




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